Blood sugar
  • first blood sample collected after10 to 12 hour (overnight) fast, only consumption of water is permitted
  • second blood sample to be collected two hours after completion of a meal
  • prolonged fasting for over 14 hours may give an erroneous low result
  • diabetics should take their medications as usual
Semen analysis
  • requires a sample following 3 days of no sexual activity
  • samples should be collected in sterile containers (provided at the centre)
  • samples may be collected at the centre or, if collected at home, should be brought to the centre within 15 minutes of collection
  • samples from condoms are unacceptable, as they may be contaminated with certain spermicidal agents
  • smoking decreases sperm counts and motility and should be avoided for 3 days before the test procedure
24 Hour Urinary Sample
  • containers should be collected from the centre
  • on the day of the collection, the first sample of urine should be discarded and all subsequent samples should be collected in the container till the first sample of the next morning
Routine Urine Analysis and Urine Culture / Sensitivity
  • first morning and a fresh sample is preferable
  • collect a mid-stream flow (i.e. the initial and last part of the flow of the urine should not be included in the sample)
ECG and Exercise Stress Test
  • any excess hair on the chest should be shaved
  • in case of Exercise Stress Test, 3 to 4 hours fasting is necessary prior to the test
  • comfortable fitting walking shoes and clothes may be worn
  • certain routine medicines need to be discontinued 24 hours prior to the test, to be discussed with the doctor while scheduling an appointment for the test
Lipid profile
  • 12- 14 hour (overnight) fast
  • water may be consumed in moderation
  • consumption of coffee and strenuous exercise should be avoided a day prior
Vitamin B12
  • 6 hours fasting
  • prolonged vegetarian diet and smoking can decrease levels of Vitamin B12

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